This kit includes everything you need to complete this Little Ritual, from the full zine to lovingly prepared crystal and herbal correspondences, fully packaged for gifting - or keeping. 


About Abundance: To have more than we can handle - to pick and choose, to be able to share - this is the ideal state, and one that we all strive for. Welcoming abundance, however, is a state of mind, and one that 'Abundance' was designed to help you faciliate: through gratitude and the ability to identify opportunity as it arises.


Little Ritual Kits: Abundance

    • Abundance Little Ritual Zine
    • One of each of the following crystals: tumbled citrine and tiger eye, iron pyrite
    • Three candles, anointed and bound
    • Cloves and cinnamon


    Please note that each kit is prepared with a variety of oil blends; those with allergies to plant materials should be mindful when ordering.