This kit includes everything you need to complete this Little Ritual, from the full zine to lovingly prepared crystal and herbal correspondences, fully packaged for gifting - or keeping. 


About Clarity: Does consciousness ring a bell? Sometimes, and sometimes it bangs on the door, but either way - we need to recognize it when we hear it. The answer you seek is within you: sometimes it's just a matter of asking the question and clearing your mind to truly hear the answer. 'Clarity' focuses on how we can still the chaos of our mind and connect with that little voice in the back of your head.


Little Ritual Kits: Clarity

    • Clarity Little Ritual Zine
    • One of each of the following crystals: fluorite cube, lemurian quartz point, tumbled sodalite
    • One candle, anointed and bound with a quartz
    • Dried jasmine


    Please note that each kit is prepared with a variety of oil blends; those with allergies to plant materials should be mindful when ordering.