This kit includes everything you need to complete this Little Ritual, from the full zine to lovingly prepared crystal and herbal correspondences, fully packaged for gifting - or keeping. 


About Freedom: Sometimes we find ourselves in a pattern, or returning to negative thoughts, and we just can't get past it. 'Freedom' was designed to help you let go of whatever it is that's holding you back through forgiveness, release - and a little more kindness towards yourself.


Little Ritual Kits: Freedom

    • Freedom Little Ritual Zine
    • One of each of the following crystals: tumbled chryoprase and chrysocolla, raw apache tears
    • One candle, anointed and bound with a quartz
    • One length of cord
    • Dried lavender


    Please note that each kit is prepared with a variety of oil blends; those with allergies to plant materials should be mindful when ordering.