This kit includes everything you need to complete this Little Ritual, from the full zine to lovingly prepared crystal and herbal correspondences, fully packaged for gifting - or keeping. 


About Self-Love: The longest relationship we'll ever have is with ourselves, and it can be difficult to exist in the world when you can't foster kindness and affection for the person you spend the most time with. 'Self-Love' was designed to help us grow our patience with ourselves - even in a world that is ever unkind, and designed to push you towards endless dissatisfaction.


Little Ritual Kits: Self-Love

    • Self-Love Little Ritual Zine
    • One of each of the following crystals: tumbled amethyst, lemurian quartz point, raw rose quartz
    • One candle, anointed and bound with a quartz
    • Dried rose petals


    Please note that each kit is prepared with a variety of oil blends; those with allergies to plant materials should be mindful when ordering.